About Us

The Builders Exchange

of the Southern Tier

BEST was established on January 1st in 2018 with over 125 years of experience as a not for profit commercial construction trade organization serving the construction industry. We serve a two hundred and fifty mile stretch of real estate with offices in Falconer, NY (BEST West) and Binghamton NY (BEST East).

Years of Experience

BEST was formed by a merger of two existing associations the Associated Building Contractors of the Triple Cities which was established in 1942 and located in Binghamton, NY and the Southern Tier Builders Association founded in 1956 and located in Falconer, NY.

The Builders Exchange offers construction reporting and plan room services for New York and Pennsylvania. Our Build New York Online Plan Room offers General Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers Representatives a forum to view construction plans & specifications, construction & contract documents, addenda, bid lists and much more for construction projects across New York and Pennsylvania. We also offer many other benefits.